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Building owners

We work with customers from the public and private sector who have buildings with the potential to realise profitable energy and water savings. We support them across the whole retrofit lifecycle – from identification, to tendering, execution and commissioning, and ensuring the savings last. We simplify and accelerate what can be a complex and time consuming process, and our approach is tailored to the specific situation of each building owner. We support the relevant stakeholders within an organization to gain a full understanding of the ESCO contracting model, ensuring all parties accept and endorse the approach.

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Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)

We support the growth of the ESCO market in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the wider UAE. We can work with both the mature ESCOs on larger, more complex projects, as well as with smaller ESCOs who are still in the early stages of establishing themselves in the local market. We believe in providing balanced contractual documentation that incentivizes ESCOs for good performance, and providing fair cash flow terms.

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Technology providers

We implement technology solutions that have been proven to work in the Middle East. Our approach is to not pick the specific solutions to be implemented, but instead, work with our ESCO contractors who have the deepest technical knowledge of each solution and their respective applicability. If you are a technology provider and would wish to operate in the UAE market, we can support you in identifying the right path for product approval and relevant entity to support with a pilot project.